Sunday, 29 November 2015

Who created ISIS terrorists, the 'psychopathic monsters'?

US President Barack Obama on 16th November 2015 (three days after the Terror Attack in Parish) said that Muslim community has to think about how we make sure that children are not being infected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people and that is justified by religion.

Addressing a press conference in Turkey, the US President said Muslims around the world -- religious leaders, political leaders, ordinary people -- have to ask very serious questions about how did these extremist ideologies take root, even if it's only affecting a very small fraction of the population. It is real and it is dangerous. And it has built up over time, and with social media it has now accelerated.

"And I think there have been times where there has not been enough push back against extremism. There's been pushback -- there are some who say, well, we don't believe in violence, but are not as willing to challenge some of the extremist thoughts or rationales for why Muslims feel oppressed. And I think those ideas have to be challenged," Obama added, according to a report published on

Anyone who read above will agree that Obama is speaking sense and it's a timely suggestion to which Muslim community should follow. But question remains who created Islamic State monster? Will the terror end if ISIS is finished? The real answer is no, the terror is not going to end even after the end of ISIS because America itself is somehow responsible for the creation of brutal terrorists. Let me give a brief account of how America created these monsters with the help of Saudi Arab, Kuwait and Qatar.

To understand the Middle East, one needs to look into the history particularly after World War-II. Iran is the second largest Muslim country in the region, which was a moderate one and against fundamentalism and extremism. Iran was invaded by the UK and Russia, both America's ally during WW-II, but somehow the relation with America remained positive.

Iran also had very good relation with Israel and was among some initial countries to recognize Israel as a sovereign country. For petro-interest America conducted a coup in Iran in 1953 and overthrew Prime Minister Mossadeq and installed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as the ruler of Iran. Since then America nearly looted the petro-wealth of Persian Gulf literally making Shah a puppet. This created anti-American sentiments in Iran and finally in 1979 Shah was overthrown by Khamenei. From this point America lost Iran as a friend.

That's why America started strengthening its relations with Saudi Arab for the sake of not only its petro-dollar interests but also against Russian influence particularly on Afghanistan. Saudi Arab is the originator and follower of Wahhabism, which interprets Islam in a very conservative and fundamentalist manner. This Wahhabism is said to be creating community of intolerants and right wing Muslims.

America in fact helped this Wahhabism to spread to Pakistan so as to create Taliban to fight against Russia. Pakistan while creating Al-Qaida and Taliban also created Lashkar-e-Taiba (L-e-T) to attack India. In the meantime Saudi Arab had other plans. Saudi Arab always finds Iraq, Syria, and Libya as obstructions in the way of spreading of Wahhabism. No doubts dictators ruled in Iraq, Libya or even Syria, but extremism was never allowed in these countries. These are liberal and moderate countries that rejected Wahhabism.

Thus Saudi Arabia wanted these dictators to fall so that the Wahhabism can be spread in the entire Middle East. USA followed Saudi Arab's way and removed Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. In the mean time Tunisia and Egypt too saw regime change and made perfect pitch for spread of Wahhabism. The only remaining dictator (as USA and Saudi Arab say) remained is Bashar Al Assad, the President of Syria. To remove him both the USA and Saudi Arab funded, equipped and trained the fundamentalist group brainwashed with Wahhabism. Even it is said that Baghdadi was in in a US jail and he was specially sent to Syria to lead this rebel group i.e. ISIS.

But this rebel group became independent of both the US and Saudi Arab influence seeing lot of petro-dollar because of Oil reserves in Syria. It established Islamic State and tried to expand its Caliphate first towards Iraq and then proposed to half of the World. The conspiracy to overthrow Assad by the US and Saudi Arab resulted into creation of a monster called ISIS.

You would be surprised that American companies are still lifting oil in ISIS occupied areas and pay ten dollar per barrel to ISIS, then smuggle them into Turkey and sell it in black market.

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