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Rahul Gandhi's US trip: For conference or sabbatical or a forced leave?

In Odia, there is a proverb "Deula Bhitare Kiyere, Mun Kadali Khaini'. (To a question who's inside the temple, answer comes that I didn't eat the bananas, in English 'Guilty conscience pricks mind'). Congress's answer to Rahul's latest tour appears identical.

Although Rahul Gandhi is unchallenged top leader of the Congress party due to his dynastical clout, yet none in the party has any idea when Rahul Gandhi would take a foreign tour, to which country and when will he return.

Wise people always say, if something is not in your control better to keep silent. The Congress perhaps forgot this wisdom rule and now fumbling very badly defending something that is indefensible.
On 22ndSeptember, as usual Rahul Gandhi left India. Some media reports said that Rahul Gandhi is in US to meet his ailing granny. When such personal visits happen not only the common people but the political opponents also do not raise any issue over it.

Bihar Assembly elections are only few days away and so far only one rally of Rahul Gandhi has happened to which both the allies Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav gave a miss. The buzz word in political arena is that JD (U) and RJD are not in favour of campaigning by Rahul Gandhi as they might be seeing Gandhi scion's participation as damaging to Mahagathbandhan's prospects. Do not forgetIndiaToday TV's satirical presentation 'So Sorry' over this logic.

Someone's absence from active politics for personal reasons is no doubt defendable. But the problem with the Congress is that they never know when Rahul Gandhi will return. Thus the Congress apprehended that sooner or later BJP may create an issue out of Rahul Gandhi's absence fromBiharelections campaigning. Another worry for the Congress is that Narendra Modi is on official tour of the US making many Indian journalists too to camp in America.

Thus it's a great opportunity for Indian media to have both Modi and Rahul on American soil although later is there for personal reasons. Thus extra curious Indian journalists may start searching for Rahul Gandhi in America to get some news bites on Narendra Modi's visit, his speeches or anything related to him to create some sensation.

Thus the Congress was desperate to find an excuse regarding Rahul Gandhi's sudden tour. The Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala officially said that Rahul Gandhi was in America to attend a conference 'Weekened with Charlie Rose' at Aspen Colorado in America.

Even if you want to tell a lie, tell it in such a way so that it appears to be true and there is no possibility of cross check. If the Congress would have given a name of any Chinese city, none is there to cross check it. But, here the Congress party took the name of a US city a city. In this era of information technology and aggressive presence of social media, such lies can't be defended. Social media immediately proved that such weekend conference at Aspen had already been conducted in July and Rahul Gandhi was not an invitee. Further, Rahul Gandhi is leader of the main opposition party in India. If he had to attend an international event, the programs would have been declared well in advance. It can't be done suddenly overnight!

BJP didn't miss the opportunity. It claimed that Mahagathbandhan inBiharimposed a forced leave on Rahul Gandhi. This BJP tactic has really put the Mahagathbandhan in a tight position and is definitely causing embarrassment to the anti-NDA alliance.

Thus the Congress needs to be cautious when they are dealing with Rahul Gandhi's sabbaticals. You may claim that Rahul Gandhi is a matured leader and better alternative to Narendra Modi, but the public very well understand his potential and his regular habit of going on leaves.

The Congress is trying to divert attention from Rahul's Us visit by questioning Narendra Modi's foreign tours. I think the Congress should learn some lesson. Narendra Modi is not on sabbatical. He is on national duty, which was known to everyone well in advance.

There are some news that Sam Pitroda (friend of late former PM Rajiv Gandhi) is trying to organize a last minute conference at Aspen to substantiate the Congress' claim. I think that would be very bad idea and would be more damaging to the Congress, which needs to maintain silence now.

Now Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are also abroad for personal reasons. (Some reports say they are out for Sonia Gandhi's health check up). None is questioning this tour. But at this point of time if somebody from the Congress starts claiming that Sonia Gandhi is also there to attend some conference, then serious scrutiny will start.

The Congress must realize that right now it is not passing through a good phase. To revive old glory it has to be wise and mature. Action of defending something indefensible out of sycophancy only increases the damage. Sooner the Congress learns this lesson; the better it would be for the party.

Friday, 25 September 2015

PM Modi's comment on Sanskrit and secularism jibe in Ireland: Is it unconstitutional??

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Dublin, the capital of Ireland on September 23, 2015 for a day long official visit. This visit by Modi to Ireland was the first one in last 60 years by any Indian PM. As usual he got a grand reception from Irish government as well as the country's Indian Diasporas.

When he was received by the Indian community of Ireland, Irish children (of Indian origin) chanted Sanskrit Shlokas to welcome Narendra Modi. Definitely it was an emotional moment for Narendra Modi. While addressing the Indian community he praised this Sanskrit recitation. He also took a dig at secular forces back in India while saying that, 'It's Ireland, that's why the children can sang Sanskrit recitation, had it been India there would be chaos by so called secularists in India.'

The Congress was quick in its action to criticize the dig in the harshest possible language. Manish Tewari, a senior Congress leader, while participating in TV debates immediately attacked Narendra Modi saying that Prime Minister has insulted the Constitution. The secularism of India is undermined in a foreign state. Narendra Modi is trying to create another Pakistan in India, said Tewari.

Now the question which surfaces here, "Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Sanskrit comment and secularism jibe unconstitutional?"
Before considering this question let's understand the Sanskrit, its controversy and link with secularism. Sanskrit is an ancient language of Indian civilization dating back to as early as the early second millennium BCE. It's the primary sacred language of Hinduism, a philosophical language in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and a literal language that was in use as a lingua franca in greater India. It's a standardized dialect of old Indo-Aryan, originating as Vedic Sanskrit and tracing it's linguistic back to Proto-Indo-Iranian and Proto-Indo-European. (Source-Wikipedia).

If you want to respect ancient Indian civilization/culture, you need to also respect Sanskrit language. Some claim that Sanskrit is a language of Hinduism. Well ancient Indian culture is Hinduism, thus Sanskrit may be defined that way, but it should be noted that Sanskrit is not exactly a spoken language like vernacular languages and more clearly it can be considered as a literature language in which very rich quality written materials were recorded. 95 per cent of Sanskrit has no relation with religion rather it's related to scholarly work.

Now let's consider the term secular. It's a western term, whose exact dictionary meaning is 'no relation with religion. This term is coined to stop the influence/intervention of Christian churches in to governance of political establishment. Clearly the term secular or secularism defines that politics has no relation with politics.

Indian Constitution is truly secular even when the term 'Secular' was not included in the Constitution by the founding fathers. The constitution didn't give any concession to any religion nor allowed any intervention from religion or religious commands. All are equal in the eyes of Constitution irrespective of religion, caste, creed or race. The fundamentals of the Constitution have no relation with any religion.

Now how the Indian Secular Industry defines secularism in India? Anything that belongs to majority religion (Hinduism) is not secular. If government (generally BJP) intends to promote ancient Indian language Sanskrit, it's not secular (or communal) because it belongs to Hinduism. You can promote Urdu, English even German that's acceptable as secular. But Sanskrit, it's just saffronising.

Everybody can wear the skull cap during Muslim festivals to prove themselves as secular. But when a Hindu put a teeka on his forehead, he appears to be a communal. Interestingly a Muslim or Christian never to need wear any Hindu symbol to prove himself as a secular. Their religious attire is sufficient to prove them as secular.

More specifically according to Indian Secular industry people belonging to minority communities are automatically secular and only those from majority community who talk about minority's interest (through political voice) belong to secular groups. Any one from majority community if speaks, practices or supports own religion is purely communal.

Frankly the definition of secularism as per Constitution and as per secular industry is very different. Constitution speaks with true spirit where as the secular industry speaks with spirit of petty vote bank politics. If you attend an Iftar party you are secular, but if you do a Saraswati Vandana, you are communal!

Ireland too is a democratic country. Reciting Sanskrit song is no problem for their secular values. The Prime Minister didn't take the dig at a foreign forum (bilateral or multilateral), in front of foreign dignitaries or in course of foreign level discussions. He was talking to Indian community that was present in thousands to greet the Prime Minister of the country of their origin. Prime Minister was talking to Indians on foreign soil.
Thus Manish Tewari and Congress's criticism is merely a cynicism. Don't forget, it's the same Congress which once accused that BJP is mobilizing Indian crowd on foreign soils to chant Modi-Modi. Now they have realized that these are spontaneous Indian communities living in foreign countries who feel proud to have a strong Indian Prime Minister (not a BJP Prime Minister).

However, if Congress feels that Prime Minister has really insulted Indian Constitution, I urge the Congress party to knock the door of Supreme Court with all their arguments. If the Congress is right in its argument, I would like to see action against the Prime Minister for undermining the Constitutional spirit.

But will the Congress dare to file a case in the court. I guess they will not, because in the process Court may clearly define the true meaning of secularism ending the business of vote bank politics of this pseudo secular brigade!

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, enough of 'Suit Boot Ki Sarkar' jibe, it won't bring good luck to your party!

Rahul Gandhi coined the term 'Suit Boot ki Sarkar' around nine months back. Exactly equal amount of time has passed since he is attacking attacking Narendra Modi government alleging that PM Modi is trying to snatch land from poor farmers to distribute it among corporates.

During this time period Narendra Modi auctioned his controversial suit. The land ordinance was also allowed to lapse recently. In the mean time BJP also won urban local body elections in MP, Rajasthan and Congress ruled Karnataka proving that Rahul Gandhi inflicted perceptional damage through 'Suit Buit ki Sarkar'and 'Land Bill' has perhaps expired. But Rahul Gandhi is like 'hai ki manta nahin'! (Rahul Gandhi isn't saying no to his jibe against the PM).

In his first election rally in Bihar, he repeated the same lines. Whether Rahul has nothing more to say or he thinks that people are fool enough to hear repeated rhetoric. There is nothing wrong when an opposition leader throws jibes at the government. But if an opposition leader throws such jibes repeatedly for around 9 months without substantiation, then either the opposition leader lacks sense or he has nothing else to speak.

It's time for Rahul Gandhi to tell people how much land is grabbed by Modi to allot it to his corporate friends. Throwing 'Suit Boot ki Sarkar' jibe occasionally is understandable, but if you use this repetitively, then you have to clarify whether your previous governments never used suit boot! If you say Modi government is anti-farmer, you have to prove how the Congress governments were pro-farmer. If you claim that farmer suicides are on rise in NDA government, you must prove that no farmer suicide happened during your governments!

It's time Rahul Gandhi should ask his speech writer to think progressively. In Champaran rally, Rahul again threw the same jibe but didn't mention Bihar issues. He neither praised Nitish Kumar's performance as chief minister nor he talked about how his party can contribute towards making Bihar progressive state.

Coming back to the Congress's revival rally at Mathura today. His speech again lacked sense. I am yet to understand the meaning of his line that 'we are number four party in UP but our ideology is number 1. We must follow our ideology to become number one party again'.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, your party is currently number four parties in many states. Soon your party is set to lose Assam,Punjab and Kerala. Do you think that Indian voters do not understand your number one ideology? Do you think that Indian voters are too unintelligent to understand your ideology?

It should be understood that there was no fight between the Congress and BJP. The Congress was cornered in many states long back and that too by regional parties. it was because of problems in functioning of the party. Too much autocracy in the party in fact inflicted unbearable damage to the Congress party in due course.

That's why my sincere advice to Rahul Gandhi is to get out from the impression that merely by attacking Narendra Modi he would be able to improve Congress Party's image and condition. As the future leader he has to infuse corrective measures in his party's functioning. Rahul Gandhi needs to end sycophancy culture in his party. Moreover he needs to stop reciting rhetoric and start speaking sensible political wisdom; else no one can stop doom of age old Congress party!

Why Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajawadi Party divorced Janata Parivar's 'Mahagathbandhan'?

When Mulayam Singh Yadav's Samajwadi Party declared that it had divorced Mahagathbandhan, many got confused over the reasons. Some people thought that differences over seat sharing formula could be the prime reason behind the divorce. While some people were of the view that Mulayam Singh Yadav perhaps wanted Narendra Modi's support for UP till assembly elections scheduled in 2017. This speculation surfaced after a meeting between Mulayam Singh Yadav and BJP President Amit Shah.

Some political experts were surprised that despite being the chief of the united Janata Parivar and a proposal that the united Parivar will contest elections on SP symbol (which SP itself declined), Mulayam Singh took such an extreme step? Technically the 200 seats contested by JD(U) and RJD could be considered as seats of SP (in future)!
Sharad Yadav rushed to convince Mulayam Singh whereas Lalu Yadav claimed that they would convince the SP chief. But Mulayam didn't budge and decided to form an alliance with NCP and others to contest Bihar elections independently.

Here it's to be noted that SP, NCP and others have no relevance inBiharpolity and I don't think that they can inflict any damage to JD(U)-RJD-Congress ally. But the question remains, what's the real reason behind SP's withdrawal from the Mahagathbandhan?

The answer lies not in Bihar polity. It's in fact a case of national polity where SP is keen to dominate. It's a contest between SP and Congress.

The 2014 general elections gave an unprecedented mandate. BJP got majority by itself whereas NDA crossed te mark of 330 seats. The Congress got its worst mandate of 44 seats and failed to qualify to get the official position of leader of opposition (LoP). NDA allies though got some success but couldn't get the leverage to blackmail BJP. Similarly regional parties like AIDMK, TMC, BJD and TRS too got huge electoral success but were not in situation to pressurize the BJP.
The above is true in the context to BJP. But what was the message in the context of Congress party? The Congress neither qualified for LoP, nor the other opposition parties like TMC, AIDMK, BJD and TRS were interested to be led by the Congress. Then a series of assembly elections followed where the Congress lost very badly. In Delhi assembly elections no doubt AAP secured a historic win by limiting BJP to just 3 seats but the Congress, which once ruled Delhi for 15 years, failed to open its account.

Clearly the Congress lost its status among the opposition parties. And a vacuum of leadership surfaced among the non-BJP parties. Veteran Mulayam Singh Yadav realised the vacuum and tried to take centre stage in national opposition politics. SP got just five seats, but it's ruling the largest state of India. Thus he started preparing a field to emerg as the prime non-BJP leader with the help of a united Janata Parivar. The Modi juggernaut in fact frightened all the Janata fractions. INLD already lost Haryana, JD(S), JD(U) and RJD are also afraid about results in the upcoming assembly polls. Thus Mulayam proposed the reunion of Janata Parivar to represent a bigger block in national polity.

Karnataka, UP,Haryana were never a problem for the merger of other Janata parties in SP because in these states non-SP parties have no major stakes. The problem was in Bihar where two tallest leaders Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav were struggling for survival.

Lalu tried for the Congress support but Rahul preferred Nitish Kumar. For Nitish Kumar, though he commands popularity, but doesn't enjoy a base like Lalu Yadav. Thus Mulayam Singh took tried to convince both Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar to arrive at a solution. Because of Nitish's popularity, he was made Chief Ministerial candidate whereas Lalu Yadav was assured of greater say in the coalition.

But Nitish Kumar played differently. He knew that Lalu Yadav may play intelligently to dominate him, so he inclined towards the Congress. Rahul Gandhi demanded 40 seats, which was granted by Nitish Kumar immediately. This in fact foiled the game plan of Mulayam Singh. On the other hand the Congress wanted a dominant role in a state assembly where it lost its foothold. Nitish provided this. From Nitish's point of view the 40 seats granted to the Congress can be considered as JD(U) seats. That means while RJD is contesting on 100 seats, JD(U) is practically contesting on 140 seats!

Clearly Lalu Yadav was stumped by this brilliant politics. But Lalu has nothing to do at this moment. It's to be seen in future how RJD supports in those 40 Congress seats. But the difference between RJD chief and Rahul Gandhi is more visible, which should be a matter of concern for Nitish Kumar.

Coming back to Mulayam Singh, he really was disturbed over Nitish Kumar's trick of giving the Congress an entry. This was an attack on Mulayam Singh's national ambition. He knew it very well that if JDU-RJD-Congress alliance wins in Bihar, then this might also be viewed as return of the Congress in national polity!

That's exactly the reason why SP withdrew from the "Mahagathbandhan" and started criticising JD(U) in general and Nitish Kumar in particular.

Politics is always a complex subject. Personally I don't think that SP can do any damage to Nitish-led coalition. Bihar politics may subject to some unprecedented complex inter-party rival politics in the coming times. Don't forget such internal politics is also possible in NDA by LJP and HAM.

Thus Bihar is entering into a complex political situation but there should not be any doubt why SP divorced Janata Parivar.

Bihar Assembly Elections 2015- Post seat sharing announcement NDA has slight advantage over Nitish-led alliance

The process of seat sharing among NDA allies in Bihar got completed yesterday. According to the agreed formula BJP will contest on 160 seats, Ram Vilas Paswan's LJP will contest on 40 seats, RLSP on 23 seats and Jitan Ram Manjhi's HAM will contest on 20 seats. Some leaders from HAM may contest under BJP symbol, to which former Chief Minister and HAM chief, Jitan Ram Manjhi will take a decision. Thus we can say that the controversy around NDA seat sharing is no more.

The controversy on seat sharing had no relation with BJP. Rather it was Jitan Ram Manjhi vs Ram Vilas Paswan and the issue surfaced as both of them were claiming to be face of Dalit community in the state. Although Manjhi is a senior leader but he is also known as an ambitious and bit opportunistic leader.

Nitish Kumar made him Chief Minister, but when he was asked to clear way for Kumar's return he adopted an anti-Nitish Kumar approach. During his tenure he earned negative feedback from all quarters including BJP. However, when Nitish Kumar again took the reigns ofBihargovernment, Manjhi got some support from opposition parties by playing a victim card.

The one person who is entirely to be blamed for the Manjhi episode is Nitish Kumar in direct way. First he shouldn't have resigned, and when if he had resigned, then he shouldn't have given Manjhi the chief minister's post. There were other able leaders also in his party. But perhaps Nitish Kumar thought Manjhi would be less dangerous for him.
Frankly speaking Jitan Ram Manjhi is not an important player inBiharpolity. He is a failed Chief Minister, irresponsible speaker and not a trustworthy ally. In NDA also he has demanded equal number of seats as of LJP while arguing that Ram Vilash Paswan is not a great leader than him.
Good point is that neither LJP leaders reacted to Manjhi's remarks, nor BJP leaders yielded to Manjhi's demand. It appeared to be a mature negotiation. BJP leadership didn't do anything which could have resulted into loss of NDA votes.

On the other hand although the "Mahagathbandhan" declared seat sharing much before NDA, but, it didn't appear to be smooth. Samajwadi Party (SP) and NCP broke away from the alliance whereas Left Front declared to contest on all the 243 seats. Neither SP nor NCP nor the Left Front have any importance in the Bihar polity. However, whatever votes these parties will get would result into division of anti-NDA votes.

As of now it appears that by retaining Manjhi in the NDA fold, BJP ensured that no vote from its alliance gets divided whereas Nitish-led alliance is sure to lose some votes due to SP, NCP and Left Front going away in different direction.

There are two more parties in fray in the Bihar elections i.e. Asaduddin Owaisi led AIMIM and Shiv Sena. AIMIM has decided to field its candidates in Seemanchal area. JD(U) and RJD are alleging that AIMIM is BJP's agent, who is there to divide minority votes.

It's to be noted that in 2010 assembly elections and 2014 Lok Sabha elections BJP won around 75 per cent seats in Seemanchal area. Thus it's ridiculous to blame that a party is there to benefit BJP.
Gone are those days when religion and caste ruled in Bihar. Since 2005 voters are more concerned towards the development of their state. Nearly half of the Bihar voters are youth who don't want to be trapped on rhetoric line. For them good candidate, better policy and development is the agenda.
Let's ask a question to JD(U) and RJD. If AIMIM is a BJP agent, whether Shiv Sena is Mahagathbandhan agent? Shiv Sena is ally to BJP at the Centre and in Maharashtra. Doesn't it technically divide BJP's vote?

Over all as on date although both NDA and Nitish-led alliance appear to be placed at same position, but, I feel NDA has a small advantage because of its smooth seat sharing. The next hurdle is ticket distribution. It has to be seen which party has more dissenters.

Here again NDA has the advantage. As BJP is contesting on 160 seats, some 52 seats more than it has contested previously, the chance of dissent would be very less. Whereas both RJD and JD(U) are contesting on 68 and 43 less seats than before respectively. The ticket distribution would be very problematic subject for them.

Let's wait for a week so that the entire picture gets crystal clear. But there's no doubt that presently NDA has slight advantage over Nitish-led alliance.

Why Rahul Gandhi was not elevated as Congress President??

Somehow Rahul's elevation is delayed. However, all the Congress members are asked to report Rahul Gandhi directly. That means despite Sonia Gandhi remaining president of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi will virtually control party affairs.
Experts have different views on delay in Rahul's elevation. Some think that upcoming Bihar polls may be the biggest reason of this delay. Some feel that veteran Congress leaders have still not accepted Rahul Gandhi for this top most post. While some experts think that Sonia Gandhi has still not that trust in Rahul Gandhi that he can manage the Congress party. But, I don't think these are the real reasons.
Especially the Bihar assembly election can't be the reason as it is to be followed by UP, Bengal and Punjab elections. Thus polls can't be the reason behind party's decision not to elevate Rahul Gandhi. Further it's under Sonia's president ship, that the Congress lost general elections so badly. After the party lost in general elections, its performance in assembly elections like in Delhi where it ruled for 15 years, was dismal.

It's also not convincing that senior Congress leaders have yet accepted Rahul Gandhi. The Congress party has become such a dynastic party that even a minor from Gandhi family can command loyalty from very senior Congress members. Gandhi family is now above the party.
It's Sonia Gandhi who pushed Rahul Gandhi ahead. Even Sonia Gandhi stopped Priyanka Gandhi in order to establish Rahul Gandhi as the true heir to Gandhi legacy in Congress party. Thus saying that Sonia Gandhi has not yet trusted Rahul Gandhi would be a wrong thing.
In fact the real reasons of delaying Rahul Gandhi's elevation are based on practical difficulties and Rahul Gandhi's policy. In 2014 general elections, the Congress was reduced to 44 member party in the Parliament. Presently the situation for the Congress in national politics is such that it can't recover easily from the setbacks it had to face in the previous elections.
In this difficult situation the Congress need support and help from powerful non-BJP parties. However, if the party is somehow isolated at non-BJP fronts also, then there's a danger of complete doom for the party.
In the strong BJP era, there are some non-BJP regional parties which have flourished. AIDMK, TMC, TRS and BJD are neither inclined towards BJP nor the Congress. The Congress could have got support from parties like DMK, Left, SP, RJD, JDU, NCP, BSP, TRS etc. But Rahul Gandhi had no friendly relations with these parties except Nitish-led JDU.
If Rahul Gandhi is elevated as the Congress chief then the party would lose whatever support or link it has with these parties. Rahul's too much support to JD(U) has already forced Mulayam Singh's Samajawadi Party to withdraw from the 'Mahagathbandhan'.
Rahul Gandhi needs to mend his ways and he should try to be friendly with RJD, SP, BSP, Left, DMK and other regional parties in order to convince them to accept him as Congress President. Rahul Gandhi and his coteries perhaps negated this idea as Rahul doesn't believe in this old style of conventional politics where alliances are made even if it appears to be opportunistic.
Rahul wanted to be seen as an anti-Modi leader who is also against politicians likes Lalu Yadav, Karunanidhi, Mulayam Singh Yadav and other such veteran leaders who are accused of corruption and nepotism. Rahul is trying to acquire an image of angry young man who represents concerns of the young India.
Rahul as a Vice-President will rule the Congress party and build his image whereas the Congress's relations with non-BJP and non-Congress parties will be maintained through the office of Sonia Gandhi.
Real challenges for the Congress party will start surfacing right from the Bihar assembly elections results, where even if BJP loses, a question will be asked to the Congress that if it has won anything.
I feel Rahul Gandhi will not be elevated as the President of the Congress party till he decides whether he would like to go alone on the path of reviving his party or he would like to do alliance with other parties.

Why Rahul Gandhi was not elevated as Congress President: Because of his failure to convince regional parties about his leadership ability 

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, it's not Narendra Modi who is indulging in 'Hawabaazi'!

On September 8th, Congress President Sonia Gandhi during her address at a Congress Working Committee meeting once again attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that his government has abysmally failed to fulfill the various election promises. She called those election promises 'Hawabaazi'. She also accused Modi of flip-flops and making U-turns.
Since 2014 general elections till date the Congress President perhaps is attacking PM Narendra Modi without any substance. I would have been very happy if Sonia Gandhi could also explain a single instance when Narendra Modi made a U-turn or gone back from his promises. For her understanding let me discuss some points in detail to see whether according to Mrs. Gandhi, Narendra Modi has really back tracked from his promises?

Let's start from corruption issue. Narendra Modi categorically said that 'Na main khaunga, na kisi ko khane doonga!' (Neither I will take money nor will I allow anybody to take money). Is there any scam? Is there any attempt to benefit somebody? Isn't there a very honest government at the helm of affairs? 

Immediately some will jump in to ask whether black money returned from the Switzerland. The cynical question can be answered in a better way asking a further question. Is Modi trying to save the black money lobby? Is there no sincere effort from the government to bring back the black money? Is there no intent from the government?

The questioner will stress on the result only asking whether Rs.15 lakh has been credited in each account. I just want to ask them whether they have factored the anti-black money law passed by the government. Hasn't the corporate groups too felt that the law is draconian? Haven't many people started asking the definition of corruption? Isn't an indirect pressure mounted on the government to dilute the new black money law against which Narendra Modi stood rock bottom and made it clear that his government is not going to compromise on black money issue. Thus where he has failed from fulfilling his promise regarding corruption?

Now let's throw some light on his promise of co-operative federalism. First, Narendra Modi accepted the 14th Finance Commission's recommendation to increase state's share, scrapped the white elephant ' The Planning Commission', which planning while seating at Delhi without any proper participation from states. He replaced it with Niti Aayog ensuring more effective representation from states.

He rolled out the term 'Team India' instead of earlier policy of feudal central government. He hasn't gone back from his promise of making Center-State a cooperative federation, rather it's Congress and some other anti-BJP parties that tried to isolate Prime Minister of India by not participating in Niti Aayog and other review meetings called by the Prime Minister.
On matters related economy he is the most persuasive Prime Minister. Many experts say that the corporate world is not comfortable with Prime Minister's style of work. Everyone expected that Modi being the Prime Minister, they will excel in their business as per their wishes. Although Modi is definitely pro-business, but, he's kind of ultra left in center of right philosophy.

He is eager towards bringing improvements inbusinessand industrial sectors but on the condition that the growth must be shared with nation and public. He is not interested in flourishing onlybusinesspeople, rather interested in equitable growth of the nation. That's why it takes time for the boom as Modi very clearly informed that he was not for crony capitalism.

You may take time but his hard bargain will be there. Clear example is POSCO. Indiade finitely wants US$ 52000 billion investment. But Modi government didn't accept the proposal of giving iron ore mines of Khandadhar (as suggested by Odisha Government) to POSCO by exiting the auction route. He was very clear that he wanted this investment but POSCO would need take the mines while participating in the auction. There is no use of investment if states also start doing charities for investors.

Narendra Modi has also proved that he was ready to fulfil his promises but not in haste or in a manner which may impact the nation adversely. Implementation of OROP promise is the best example of it. He was ready to fulfil the OROP promise but after analysing all the aspects. One should remember that OROP implementation could happen after 42 years in Modi's government only.

Sonia Gandhi questioned Modi's Pakistan policy. This really proves how the Congress is still clueless about Indian government's Pakistan policy. Madam Sonia, through his super diplomacy, Narendra Modi established that 'There can be no Indo-Pak dialogue with terror rather there will be Indo-Pak dialogue on terror'.

If I start counting achievements of the Modi government during the last fifteen months, Madam Sonia Gandhi, it will be a voluminous issue. The auction of mines, spectrum, Jan Dhan Yojana, Make in India project and many other initiatives will start yielding better results in the coming days. Thus Sonia Gandhi should stop her 'Hawabaazi'.

Yes, there is just one sector left, where Narendra Modi is yet to see any success. That's Indian farm sector. But it's a complex issue and also a joint subject (Centre and state). The Congress is more responsible for the poor condition of Indian farmers. I am ready to give Modi time till 2019 if he could improve the farmers' condition.

Thus instead of accusing Narendra Modi despite his honest intent and hard labor, if Sonia Gandhi would have rejected her one year extension as the Congress President owning the responsibility of the party's worst defeat in 2014 general elections, then she would have received lots of appreciation. With such irresponsible 'Hawabaazi' the Congress is just heading towards oblivion.

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