Friday, 25 September 2015

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, it's not Narendra Modi who is indulging in 'Hawabaazi'!

On September 8th, Congress President Sonia Gandhi during her address at a Congress Working Committee meeting once again attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that his government has abysmally failed to fulfill the various election promises. She called those election promises 'Hawabaazi'. She also accused Modi of flip-flops and making U-turns.
Since 2014 general elections till date the Congress President perhaps is attacking PM Narendra Modi without any substance. I would have been very happy if Sonia Gandhi could also explain a single instance when Narendra Modi made a U-turn or gone back from his promises. For her understanding let me discuss some points in detail to see whether according to Mrs. Gandhi, Narendra Modi has really back tracked from his promises?

Let's start from corruption issue. Narendra Modi categorically said that 'Na main khaunga, na kisi ko khane doonga!' (Neither I will take money nor will I allow anybody to take money). Is there any scam? Is there any attempt to benefit somebody? Isn't there a very honest government at the helm of affairs? 

Immediately some will jump in to ask whether black money returned from the Switzerland. The cynical question can be answered in a better way asking a further question. Is Modi trying to save the black money lobby? Is there no sincere effort from the government to bring back the black money? Is there no intent from the government?

The questioner will stress on the result only asking whether Rs.15 lakh has been credited in each account. I just want to ask them whether they have factored the anti-black money law passed by the government. Hasn't the corporate groups too felt that the law is draconian? Haven't many people started asking the definition of corruption? Isn't an indirect pressure mounted on the government to dilute the new black money law against which Narendra Modi stood rock bottom and made it clear that his government is not going to compromise on black money issue. Thus where he has failed from fulfilling his promise regarding corruption?

Now let's throw some light on his promise of co-operative federalism. First, Narendra Modi accepted the 14th Finance Commission's recommendation to increase state's share, scrapped the white elephant ' The Planning Commission', which planning while seating at Delhi without any proper participation from states. He replaced it with Niti Aayog ensuring more effective representation from states.

He rolled out the term 'Team India' instead of earlier policy of feudal central government. He hasn't gone back from his promise of making Center-State a cooperative federation, rather it's Congress and some other anti-BJP parties that tried to isolate Prime Minister of India by not participating in Niti Aayog and other review meetings called by the Prime Minister.
On matters related economy he is the most persuasive Prime Minister. Many experts say that the corporate world is not comfortable with Prime Minister's style of work. Everyone expected that Modi being the Prime Minister, they will excel in their business as per their wishes. Although Modi is definitely pro-business, but, he's kind of ultra left in center of right philosophy.

He is eager towards bringing improvements inbusinessand industrial sectors but on the condition that the growth must be shared with nation and public. He is not interested in flourishing onlybusinesspeople, rather interested in equitable growth of the nation. That's why it takes time for the boom as Modi very clearly informed that he was not for crony capitalism.

You may take time but his hard bargain will be there. Clear example is POSCO. Indiade finitely wants US$ 52000 billion investment. But Modi government didn't accept the proposal of giving iron ore mines of Khandadhar (as suggested by Odisha Government) to POSCO by exiting the auction route. He was very clear that he wanted this investment but POSCO would need take the mines while participating in the auction. There is no use of investment if states also start doing charities for investors.

Narendra Modi has also proved that he was ready to fulfil his promises but not in haste or in a manner which may impact the nation adversely. Implementation of OROP promise is the best example of it. He was ready to fulfil the OROP promise but after analysing all the aspects. One should remember that OROP implementation could happen after 42 years in Modi's government only.

Sonia Gandhi questioned Modi's Pakistan policy. This really proves how the Congress is still clueless about Indian government's Pakistan policy. Madam Sonia, through his super diplomacy, Narendra Modi established that 'There can be no Indo-Pak dialogue with terror rather there will be Indo-Pak dialogue on terror'.

If I start counting achievements of the Modi government during the last fifteen months, Madam Sonia Gandhi, it will be a voluminous issue. The auction of mines, spectrum, Jan Dhan Yojana, Make in India project and many other initiatives will start yielding better results in the coming days. Thus Sonia Gandhi should stop her 'Hawabaazi'.

Yes, there is just one sector left, where Narendra Modi is yet to see any success. That's Indian farm sector. But it's a complex issue and also a joint subject (Centre and state). The Congress is more responsible for the poor condition of Indian farmers. I am ready to give Modi time till 2019 if he could improve the farmers' condition.

Thus instead of accusing Narendra Modi despite his honest intent and hard labor, if Sonia Gandhi would have rejected her one year extension as the Congress President owning the responsibility of the party's worst defeat in 2014 general elections, then she would have received lots of appreciation. With such irresponsible 'Hawabaazi' the Congress is just heading towards oblivion.

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