Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Mr.Kejriwal's Frustrated Outburst Against CBI Raids Deserve Some Questions

When I was about to leave home for office, I saw the breaking news in TV that ‘CBI raided Delhi CM’s office’.  Naturally I was shocked like everyone that how can CBI raid Kejriwal’s office? Kejriwal may be a bit immature politician but nobody would believe that he could have committed a crime for which CBI will raid his office. Is this a political vendetta by Modi government?

 My conscious didn’t approve this vendetta angle as I like all sane people of India aware how serious Modi government is towards passing the GST bill for which they are taking unprecedented conciliation initiatives despite defiant acts of Rahul Gandhi led Congress. Thus it can’t afford to raid a Chief Minister’s office particularly when the Parliament is in session.

I wanted to check whether Kejriwal’s residence also raided as the practice is whenever the raid is carried out, not only office but also the residence of the accused along with residences of some suspected relatives are also raided. I couldn’t get any news on that.

 In the mean time Kejriwal’s tweet came where he referred Narendra Modi as ‘Cowardice and psychopath’. These are really very strong words, un-parliamentary and absolute derogatory terms to a Constitutional office. Arvind Kejriwal who is holding a constitutional post under an oath shouldn’t have used such terms as it insults the Constitution itself.

By 3 O’clock the truth of entire story came out. As per various media reports, CBI had conducted raids in 14 places in connection with corruption allegation against Rajendra Kumar who is Principal Secretary of Delhi CM. The raids were conducted following a search warrant from competent court.
One Ashis Joshi (an IAS officer) complained against Rajendra Kumar during June 2015 at ACB, Delhi which is under control of Delhi government. As Rajendra Kumar is a senior IAS officer, ACB, Delhi referred it to CBI in July 2015. CBI took some four months for verification and when it had sufficient prima facie evidence, it applied for a search warrant from the court and upon courts approval it conducted the necessary raids.

Sources said that till now many objectionable documents including unaccounted cash and foreign currency have been recovered from the raids at 14 places.

Thus the case is a text book case of corruption on which CBI took action as per merit. Arvind Kejriwal and AAP member’s accusations are not only baseless but also motivated by petty politics. Therefore I have some questions for Arvind Kejriwal which should be answered by his party as he and his party definitely owes accountability to Indian public.

1) Mr.Kejriwal, you came to politics fighting against corruption and claiming transparency. Why you reacted so vociferously when CBI was taking action against corruption case? The case is neither related you nor of the period of your tenure. Why then you want to protect corruption accused officer?

2)  ACB is under you. Complain was first registered in ACB which is next referred to CBI. It means you are aware of CBI inquiry against Rajendra Kumar. Then why you react as if CBI is taking action against you despite knowing all facts. Doesn’t it prove that you wanted to do petty politics taking advantage of any situation just to fool the public?

3)  In Jitendra Tomar case you did the same thing accusing Narendra Modi doing vendetta politics, but later you had to be sorry knowing the facts behind Jitendra Tomar arrest. Why didn’t you learn a lesson then? Because had you learnt the lesson, you would have waited till the facts come out before accusing central government of vendetta.

4) Before taking Rajendra Kumar as your Principal Secretary, why due diligence was not made to check the credentials of Rajendra Kumar. It’s in public domain that Rajendra Kumar is involved in corrupt practice since Shiela Dikshit’s period. Do you rely on face than fact?

5) You have accused that in the name of Rajendra Kumar, CBI checked your files, although CBI denied it. But my point is even if CBI checked your files, why are you worried? If you are a clean person then you should welcome this and request CBI to unfold whatever they found objectionable in your file or if they didn’t get anything wrong. This could have increased your stature.

6) Why Rajendra Kumar is so close to you, for which you expressed anger and frustration even before knowing the fact? Is there really anything between you and Rajendra Kumar?

7) Finally, will you explain your reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘cowardice and psychopath’? You are holding a constitutional post under oath and you are scolding a constitution office which is bigger than your office. How come you justify it? Are you and your ego is bigger than Constitution and it’s decorum? If BJP want it can bring a privilege motion against you in Parliament, how can you answer it?

The point is today’s polity is very low. The political intolerance to Prime Minister Modi is so rampant, that all opposition parties have forgotten the constitutional obligation forget about decency & decorum of a vibrant democracy. But Arvind Kejriwal is expected to be different from these conventional politicians. Unfortunately he stooped lower than any conventional disgraced politician of all times.