Thursday, 24 December 2015

Lies and Demagoguery of Arvind Kejriwal

When Arvind Kejriwal made entry into politics, he had promised that politics by him and his party will be very different from the conventional politics. People trusted him. He was appreciated by the public in the form of 28 seats that his party got during 2013 Delhi assembly elections where he formed government taking out side support of Congress.

After 49 days, he quit from the government with an ambition to become Prime Minister of India. Delhi people punished him for his ambition by not electing single AAP leader as MP from Delhi. Later on he apologised to Delhi public for quitting the government and promised that he will do real development of Delhi. Politicians apologising are very rare. Hence Delhi public trusted Kejriwal post his apology and gave him landslide mandate to govern Delhi.

Since then Arvind Kejriwal is really doing a different kind of politics definitely, although contrary to public perception. Public expected that the AAP government will be a honest, decent, development oriented, cooperative government. But Kejriwal had gone the other way breaking all kind of records and precedents in any democracy. He in fact proved himself to be a true anarchist.

He is perhaps the only chief minister in power who used terms like 'cowardice and psychopath' against the sitting Prime Minister of India breaking all kind of democratic decorum. Delhi assembly too broke all limits of decency when a chief minister at the floor of assembly demanded resignation of Prime Minister as if Delhi assembly is the opposition party of Parliament.
The everyday fight against L-G, Delhi Police Commissioner, MHA and Central government is very common. Not only Delhi CM and its ministers, but also all AAP party spokespersons consider themselves nothing less than deputy CM of Delhi. In this process it also broke all the confidence and trust of Delhi public.
Now its basic argument is it's a honest party. Is it so? If yes, then why 27 AAP MLAs are facing criminal cases against them? What Kejriwal did regarding this? Nothing, because he's too busy in finding corruption and corrupt in other parties through shoot and scoot medium.
However I would like to unearth how Kejriwal is speaking lie to shield his principal secretary Rajendra Kumar. When CBI raided Rajendra Kumar's office, Kejriwal said that CBI in fact raided his office. Despite CBI's clarification that it didn't raid CM's office, Kejriwal insisted that CBI had raided his office as per a direct instruction from PMO to save Arun Jaitley in an alleged DDCA scam. He also went to the extent of saying that one of the CBI officers informed him that PMO had instructed CBI to finish off all the parties that don't fall in line by 2018.
This is a grave charge. Kejriwal must give proof of this. He can't say that he can't reveal the source as he's not a journalist rather a sitting Chief Minister. If he can't give proof, then he is definitely speaking lie. Some say, Kejriwal can never lie. But I have proof that Delhi CM Mr. Kejriwal lied.
He repeatedly said that CBI raided his office. But a cabinet note on December 21st said that CBI raided the office of principal secretary, Rajendra Kumar, which is exactly what CBI claimed. However, this cabinet note was superseded by another note where it's written that CBI raided Delhi secretariat.
Point is simple even though there is an amendment in original note, it doesn't say CBI raided Delhi CM's office. Times Now news channel in fact showed both the notes to AAP leader Ashish Khetan for a response. But, Khetan didn't answers anything.
My point is very clear, if you speak lie to shield a corruption accused officer that too in public and floor of the assembly, then Mr. Kejriwal, I say with all responsibility you are the most dishonest chief minister of the country. Public sometimes commit mistakes when they give a mandate like 67 of 70 seats practically without an opposition to immature politicians. Intoxicated with the landslide mandate, Kejriwal is doing everything to bring disrepute to the Delhi government, office of Delhi Chief Minister and Indian polity.
People of Delhi and India are kind but not fool. If such thing continues further, people may not do anything at the moment, but will definitely teach them a lesson in future elections. Rajiv Gandhi, Prafulla Mahanta of Assam and N.T. Ramarao of Andhra Pradesh too had got huge mandate but rejected by the same public in the very next elections. It was because they didn't fulfil expectations of the public and took people for granted.

Finally I will advise some sincerer AAP senior members to counsel Arvind Kejriwal well. A hysteric, irresponsible and immature leadership always sends the party in to oblivion. People have great trust in AAP; they shouldn't insult public mandate and their expectations indulging in demagoguery..

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