Saturday, 19 December 2015

Mr.Kejriwal, Your promise of 'zero tolerance' to corruption sounds hollow

Seriously baffled at the CBI raids in connection with Arvind Kejriwal's Principal Secretary, Rajendra Kumar, AAP conducted a press conference yesterday to expose Arun Jaitley's alleged scam in DDCA as promised by them. However after their press conference nobody found anything new, which is not available in the public domain courtesy complaints by Kirti Azad, Bishan Singh Bedi, Maninder Singh etc.
Subsequently DDCA also addressed a press conference claiming that the report referred by AAP is in fact the report prepared by DDCA itself. (This squarely flattened Kejriwal's claim that CBI wanted to steal the report. Why one will steal a report if it's available readily?)

DDCA further said that Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) under UPA government had already investigated DDCA irregularities till 2013, where it found no fraud except some procedural lapses that are compoundable in nature and Arun Jaitley has no involvement anywhere in any scam in the DDCA. (I really wonder why Congress demanding JPC probe and resignation of Arun Jaitley despite SFIO under UPA government gave him a clean chit! Manufacturing issues to stall Parliament?) 

Later in the day Union HRD minister, Smriti Irani addressed a press conference repeating the same thing as DDCA said in a tougher language followed by Arun Jaitley's strong worded reaction taking on AAP along with Nitish Kumar and Mamata Banerjee who notwithstanding Kejriwal's highly unacceptable terms to Indian Prime Minister, stood along with Delhi CM in the name of sanctity of federalism. 

Let me come to this DDCA matter later and before that I have got some serious observation on Kejriwal and co. on corruption issue. I was really shocked to note when Ashis Khetan referred Rajendra Kumar as the most honest and distinguishable IAS officer available in India at the moment in a news hour debate with Arnab Goswami.

AAP leader Ashutosh too had claimed so perhaps expressing their frustration how an honest officer is being targeted due to political vendetta. Not only that, Ashish Khetan even challengingly said that when Arvind Kejriwal appointed Rajendra Kumar as his Principal Secretary, no vigilance case, complaint or anything objectionable was pending against him.

However he had been shown mirror by Arnab Goswami and Sambit Patra when facts were revealed that Arvind Kejriwal indeed was intimated by Vigilance Secretary that five cases of corruption and disproportionate asset complaints against Kumar were being investigated then. That's why MHA suggested Arvind Kejriwal not to appoint Rajendra Kumar as his Principal Secretary. Ashish Khetan then started speaking out of turn citing Arun Jaitley's case just to deflect this revelation.

Luckily in another TV debate 'To The Point with Karan Thappar', AAP leader Sourabh Bhardwaj silently agreed that Arvind Kejriwal knew that the cases were pending against Rajendra Kumar during his appointment as Principal Secretary.

My question is very straight to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Where is your promise of zero tolerance to corruption? Do you really know what it means zero tolerance to corruption? If you don't know, then let me explain you, zero tolerance to corruption means, as a CM you shouldn't deal with anybody against whom allegations are there unless he's proved 'not guilty'! Here, not only you have appointed Rajendra Kumar ignoring pending allegations and investigations against him but also you ignored Transparency International's letter alleging prima facie case against him. Why didn't you act when ACB referred the case to CBI?

Why Rajendra Kumar is so close to you for which you even shunted out Ashish Joshi because he complained against Rajendra Kumar at ACB? Is this your zero tolerance to corruption that you are trying to protect an officer facing severe charges? You even used highly unacceptable and condemnable language against the Prime Minister of India only because CBI raided an allegedly corrupt officer very close to you? What's your deal with Rajendra Kumar, Mr. Kejriwal? Is there anything fishy or you just shielded him because Rajendra Kumar too is an IITian like you?

But public is not fool. When Kejriwal changed his attack line from Modi to Jaitley everyone understood that he really has nothing (like scams, corruption etc) to attack Modi except rhetoric, rather he used DDCA scam to attack Jaitley. But the body language of Kejriwal proved that he was visibly shaken on CBI raids against Rajendra Kumar definitely for some unknown vested interests.

Now let me come back to DDCA scam issue. As per various media reports, Arvind Kejriwal's office already received DDCA scam report on November 2015. Then why it didn't expose earlier instead of exposing it through yesterday's press conference? Had he wanted any deal with NDA government?

Further upon Kirti Azad's question in Lok Sabha; Jayant Sinha, MoS under Arun Jaitley wrote a letter to Delhi government to investigate and submit a report. If Arun Jaitley's deputy openly asked you to conduct an investigation, then why Jaitley would be afraid of DDCA file with DelhiCMO?

Now, AAP during the press conference claimed to present the facts after assessing DDCA files with Delhi CMO. Are the files of CMO can be shared with party people? If yes, then what's wrong if CBI reads it?

Point is simple, Mr. Kejriwal your commitment to zero tolerance sounds hollow now. Rather you appeared shielding a corrupt people because of your closeness. I alone don't say this. Even Anna Hazare, your Guru also has the same opinion.