Friday, 25 September 2015

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, enough of 'Suit Boot Ki Sarkar' jibe, it won't bring good luck to your party!

Rahul Gandhi coined the term 'Suit Boot ki Sarkar' around nine months back. Exactly equal amount of time has passed since he is attacking attacking Narendra Modi government alleging that PM Modi is trying to snatch land from poor farmers to distribute it among corporates.

During this time period Narendra Modi auctioned his controversial suit. The land ordinance was also allowed to lapse recently. In the mean time BJP also won urban local body elections in MP, Rajasthan and Congress ruled Karnataka proving that Rahul Gandhi inflicted perceptional damage through 'Suit Buit ki Sarkar'and 'Land Bill' has perhaps expired. But Rahul Gandhi is like 'hai ki manta nahin'! (Rahul Gandhi isn't saying no to his jibe against the PM).

In his first election rally in Bihar, he repeated the same lines. Whether Rahul has nothing more to say or he thinks that people are fool enough to hear repeated rhetoric. There is nothing wrong when an opposition leader throws jibes at the government. But if an opposition leader throws such jibes repeatedly for around 9 months without substantiation, then either the opposition leader lacks sense or he has nothing else to speak.

It's time for Rahul Gandhi to tell people how much land is grabbed by Modi to allot it to his corporate friends. Throwing 'Suit Boot ki Sarkar' jibe occasionally is understandable, but if you use this repetitively, then you have to clarify whether your previous governments never used suit boot! If you say Modi government is anti-farmer, you have to prove how the Congress governments were pro-farmer. If you claim that farmer suicides are on rise in NDA government, you must prove that no farmer suicide happened during your governments!

It's time Rahul Gandhi should ask his speech writer to think progressively. In Champaran rally, Rahul again threw the same jibe but didn't mention Bihar issues. He neither praised Nitish Kumar's performance as chief minister nor he talked about how his party can contribute towards making Bihar progressive state.

Coming back to the Congress's revival rally at Mathura today. His speech again lacked sense. I am yet to understand the meaning of his line that 'we are number four party in UP but our ideology is number 1. We must follow our ideology to become number one party again'.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, your party is currently number four parties in many states. Soon your party is set to lose Assam,Punjab and Kerala. Do you think that Indian voters do not understand your number one ideology? Do you think that Indian voters are too unintelligent to understand your ideology?

It should be understood that there was no fight between the Congress and BJP. The Congress was cornered in many states long back and that too by regional parties. it was because of problems in functioning of the party. Too much autocracy in the party in fact inflicted unbearable damage to the Congress party in due course.

That's why my sincere advice to Rahul Gandhi is to get out from the impression that merely by attacking Narendra Modi he would be able to improve Congress Party's image and condition. As the future leader he has to infuse corrective measures in his party's functioning. Rahul Gandhi needs to end sycophancy culture in his party. Moreover he needs to stop reciting rhetoric and start speaking sensible political wisdom; else no one can stop doom of age old Congress party!

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