Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Congress is playing divisive politics through Tipu Sultan Jayanti

One will always wonder how the term secular is defined in Indian polity. The true definition of 'Secular' is 'no relation with religion'. But in Indian context the term 'secular' is always defined in connection with a religion (read Muslim). Being pro-Muslim is considered as secular by self claimed secular flag bearers. In the name of secular mostly theses Indian secular Industries play minority appeasement policy conveniently for just petty political interests. They don't care if it results into a communal divide or increases discomfort among majority.

The fresh example is Karnataka government's decision to observe Tipu Sultan Jayanti. One would wonder why Congress government was so desperate for this. Was there any demand from any community or even from minority community? Why there is an urgency to observe Tipu Sulatan Jayanti after around 300 years of Tipu Sultan's existence in History? Karnataka Chief Minister earlier quoted that he is ready to eat beef only to appease beef eating minority community although Congress party's legendary leader Mahatma Gandhi staunchly opposed cow slaughter and beef eating. Well for petty political interests Congress can stoop to any level.

Tipu Sultan might be a symbol of resistance to British rule.  But that doesn't make him secular or a freedom fighter. In fact tagging as nationalist or freedom fighter to any King be it Hindu or Muslim is ridiculous, for simple reasons that no King ever fights any war against anybody for freedom of people. The only intent of such war is to establish or strengthen monarchial rule of self. In the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 (what the British call it) Mangal Pandey and his colleagues dared to face British might to ensure religious ethics. However, later this movement was hijacked by Hindu and Muslim Kings/monarchs just to get back their kingdom from British. None fought for general public. None thought of giving independence to common public. Even during 1947, whenIndiaattained independence, many Kingly states declared their independence just for their monarchy sake. It was only Sardar Patel's effort which made common public of those Kingly states to get real freedom. (First freedom from British and then freedom from Kings/Nizams/Monarchs)

Thus acknowledging any King/Monarch/Sultan as freedom fighter or nationalist is simply ridiculous. Tipu Sutan is a historical figure and so is Sivaji like many others. Everyone has good qualities and bad qualities. In that era it was a state policy of conversion. Destroying places of faith and instilling fear. You can't blame them as that was the prevailing practice. That's why let's leave the historians to judge the characters of such historical characters.
But Karnataka Congress government is blind enough to judge Tipu Sultan just in order to appease the minority. It was so desperate that it even decided to observe Tipu  Jayanti on November 10, whereas history says that Tipu's birth date is November 20. 

Question is why Karnataka government decided to observe this controversial Tipu Jayanti when there was absolutely no demand? Why this Congress government suddenly wanted to stoke a communal conflict that has already killed two people? Is there a greater conspiracy?

One can guess that Congress is playing its communal card very tactfully. First Kalburgi was killed in Karnataka which resulted in protests of intolerance by self proclaimed intellectuals who were later on hijacked by Congress.Karnataka government has failed to nab the killers of Kalburgi till date but both intellectuals and Congress chief have ignored the fact. Now through Tipu Jayanti they have created a communal divide just to blame Hindus as well as the BJP. The real target is the five state elections coming up in 2016. Karnataka is now the laboratory of Congress's vested secular experiments. It can go to any extent to create communal divide.

Will the self proclaimed intellectuals ask some serious questions to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi? Or their duties are merely confined to hating Narendra Modi?

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