Sunday, 29 November 2015

Post Paris attacks, Hate crime against Muslims in Britain spiked by 300%: Why British media, activists silent?

During Narendra Modi's recent UK tour, British media especially BBC questioned Indian PM Narendra Modi about the allegations of rising intolerance in India when PM Modi and British PM David Cameroon were making joint statement. Such questions definitely made Indian Prime Minister bit uncomfortable although he managed to answer them invoking both Gandhi and Buddha.

Apart from this some activists under banner of Awaaz organization too carried out protest march against Narendra Modi and posted posters like 'Modi is not welcome'. Earlier Anish Kapoor a Padma Shree recipient during UPA rule (2009) wrote a column for BBC in which he had said India is ruled by Hindu Taliban.

Back in India our self claimed intellectuals patted British media as well as the protesters citing them as free and responsible media as well as the protesters being champions of humanity. It's another thing that Modi through his speech in front of 70000 strong Indian origin British citizens in Wembly stadium presented real India, which is bigger than TV screens and newspaper columns.
It's interesting to note that post Paris attacks, there is 300 per cent spike in Islamophobic hate crime in the UK, according to a report published in The Independent. British Muslims suffered more than 100 racial attacks after Paris was attacked by the terrorists, according to a report submitted to British government.

The figures compiled by the 'Tell Mama' helpline shows that victims are Muslim girls and women aged from 14 to 45 in traditional Islamic dress, where as the attackers are white males aged from 15 to 35. The actual figures could be much more as victims are frightened to lodge complaint with Police. Interestingly the reported attacks happened at public places including buses and trains. More shockingly when these Muslims were attacked, no one came to their rescue or to console them.

Now a question to British media, what is your opinion about this public display of blatant intolerance in UK? Mr. Anish Kapoor, is British too ruled by Taliban Christians? Where is Awaaz organization? Why there is no protest march?

Back home my question to intellectuals, where is your voice against silence of so called free and humane British media? Why no question is asked to people like Anish Kapoor? Why no awards are returns against these racial abuses?

Point is simple, the definition of intolerance by self claimed Indian intellectuals, self claimed free British media and people like Anish Kapoor is different from its dictionary meaning. This is selective one way intolerance against rise of Modi as a persona. Such intolerance is driven by acute Modi-phobia.
Duality in character as well as attitude always have a short life and sure to be exposed anyway. I don't think common people of India will ever fall in traps of such intolerant intellectuals and media. Fact is India is as tolerant as it was in the past spanning to Vedic era.

Tolerance is the main stay of India that makes diversity and pluralism to grow here unbounded. Nobody can create a smoke screen of intolerance citing facts selectively or joining some stray incidents. It would be better that such people refrain from tarnishing the image of India.

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