Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bihar Polls 2015: Political class stooped to a new low whereas voters displayed high values!!

 With the results of Bihar Assembly polls declared the elections have finally concluded. The elections also marked the end of perhaps the worst campaign in terms of language of accusation between rival political parties.

Almost all political parties stooped to a new low in coining different terms for their political opponents. 'Chor', 'Brahmapishach', 'Narbhakshi' and many more terms which ordinary people do not use against their enemies were used in election rallies.

Narendra Modi who is known for excellent oratory skills too crossed the line and in couple of election rallies used such language which is unbecoming of a Prime Minister and a personality like him.

The only politician who maintained decorum and decency is Nitish Kumar. I am a staunch critic of Nitish Kumar for his political decisions but really an admirer of his civility in public space. Unfortunately today the political class nowadays stoops to a very low level. At such time soul like Nitish Kumar is a bright star.

However this Bihar election is not all about negatives. There is a positive side also. Earlier Bihar election means, lots of violence, booth rigging/capture, re-polls murders etc. But this assembly poll surprisingly was the most peaceful election.

Re-poll was ordered at one or two booths; negligible violence was reported, voting turn out increased (although not beyond 60%) and interestingly women voters out shined male voters. In the long experience of mine covering electoral politics, I couldn't recollect if such a peaceful election was carried out in any other state.
Thus Bihar came of age in conducting election. Therefore Bihar should be rewarded for this. The duration of election should now be reduced. I mean to say from fifty-five days to 25-30 days. Similarly the five phase polling should also be reduced up to three phase polling. I am hopeful that election commission must be considering this for future elections.

What a contradiction? When political class became intolerant and lowered their level during election campaign, general public displayed exemplary electoral conduct. 

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