Sunday, 10 January 2016

The politics behind alleged DDCA scam

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is infamous for his shoot and scoot stunts. He had accused many opponents as corrupt but till date he couldn't proved anything. In past he had accused Sheila Dikshit, Nitin Gadkari, Robert Vadra, Ambani, Adani and the list goes on, endlessly, where the latest inclusion is Arun Jaitley.

Kejriwal has lost his credibility because of only accusation and no substantiation of allegations. Some news channels have now reported that even the Chetan Sanghi Committee report does not implicate Arun Jaitley. Thus his claim that CBI raid was to get the Chetan Sanghi report, which could create problems for Jaitely turned out to be false and an absolute lie. The claim that the report recommends for further investigation, doesn't really implicate anybody. Thus without any proof, if you are accusing one for corruption, then defamation case is due for you. What Arun Jaitley did exactly!

However, this doesn't mean that DDCA is absolutely clean or even Arun Jaitley is not aware of any irregularities/frauds etc. In fact not only DDCA but all cricketing bodies including its parent body BCCI has many rotten things inside, which need urgent cleaning. The cricket bodies are dominated by politicians irrespective of the parties and in these irregularities everyone has a stake. In DDCA, if Arun Jaitley is guilty and then also is Rajiv Shukla and Navin Jindal. But all these politicians have such understanding that they bail out each other at the cost of cricket.

The Congress jumped on to corner Jaitley using this opportunity. What it couldn't realize that it is defeating their logic on National Herald case. The Congress till date is claiming that there is no fraud in National Herald case because Young India is a section 25 (currently its section 8) company. They must realize that all cricketing bodies including DDCA and BCCI too are section 25 companies and everyone knew how corruption is rampant in these bodies.

Kirti Azad is another BJP MP who is raising the issues of DDCA scam particularly against Arun Jaitley. However Kirti Azad too has some skeletons in his cupboard, which proves that all his acts are in fact due to his known enmity against Arun Jaitley. There are allegations against Kirti Azad that during his tenure as chief selector for Delhi, lot of irregularities took place including undue favours to undeserving players.

It's also being alleged that he had favored his son for Delhi cricket team. He was removed when Jaitley became chief of DDCA. Politically too Kirti Azad had anger against Arun Jaitley. He although didn't say anything publicly but every political observer know that Azad feels that Arun Jaitley had a role in denying his wife Poonam Azad a Lok Sabha ticket in 2014 general elections. Similarly his wish to make her wife appointed as Censor Board chief/member too didn't happen for which Arun Jaitley seen as the villain.

Point is simple, although there's lot of irregularities in cricket bodies but none is interested to clean it, rather they are playing their politics in the name of fraud in cricket bodies. Neither Kirti Azad nor Kejriwal wants a clean cricket body. It' just used to score political points.

Kejriwal instituted a committee for probe in DDCA but didn't follow the procedure intentionally. As per norms, he should recommend the committee to LG for approval. He constituted the committee without the approval of LG. He knew that it will be made null and void by LG and when it's done he will further play politics claiming that Central government is trying to scuttle the probe through LG. These are cheap politics and clearly show that Kejriwal's intent is to do politics rather than probing the alleged frauds.

Good thing is that, justice R.M. Lodha committee is expected to submit a report on reforms in BCCI in the first week of January where it may prescribe to free cricket bodies from politicians and corporate. If that happens, then I think BCCI and its affiliates can be cleansed purely and cricket will be saved from the politics. Till then these political stunts will continue.

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