Sunday, 10 January 2016

It's too early to say that 'Jungle Raj' has returned in Bihar!

Recently Bihar noticed a spurt in crime where three engineers, a business man and a sarpanch was killed. On December 26th two engineers from a road construction agency were killed in Darbhanga. Then on Monday, body of 43 year old Ankit Jha, a Muzaffarpur resident was found at Bharti village in Vaishali district. Ankit was working as a quality manager for a private telecom company. His throat was slit.

In Dhoom Tola of Katihar district, a couple was stabbed to death by their relatives on Monday night. In Bhagalpur, a contractor's supervisor was shot dead at KSTPS residential colony. The victim Nawal Kushwaha was working in KSTPS (Kahalgoon Super Thermal Power Station). In Muzaffarpur a grocery trader Suresh Choudhury was shot dead by three motorcycle borne criminals near Zero mile. On the same Monday night, body of one Mohammed Qamar Alam was recovered from Patna city.

The killing of two engineers on December 26, was very gruesome and the credential of Bihar Police is at stake. It was reported that the police protection was removed just before the murder, which is really mysterious. Other murders in past 24 hours although are not connected to each other but raises serious questions on law and order of the state.
Opposition parties especially BJP termed the happenings as 'Jungleraj returns' or 'Jungleraj part-II'. Sources also said that many investors, who wanted to invest in Bihar's development program, postponed their plan for a six month to watch the law and order situation.
Question is whether 'Jungle Raj' as anticipated by BJP due to coalition of Nitish Kumar with Lalu Yadav has returned. I think it's too early to reach to a conclusion on this. Crimes do happen in all the states despite strictness and vigilant police.

The term 'Jungle Raj' also indicates towards a law and order system where no follow up action is taken up after a crime. During Lalu's rule there were allegations of criminals being protected by politicians? Police was unable to act or even arrest criminals despite having clear evidences.

This is not the situation in Bihar now. The Chief Minister Nitish Kumar took up urgent meetings with top police officers fixing accountability on them. Various police teams are investigating all the murders and in pursuit to apprehend the culprits. The intent appears to be honest. Hence to say that 'Jungle Raj' has returned is definitely incorrect. BJP and other opposition parties should demand arrest of culprits instead of engaging in politics at the moment.

However Nitish Kumar really has a difficult task in his hand. He must be aware that although Bihar public has given him landslide mandate, they are still doubtful of 'Jungle Raj' during Lalu Yadav's tenure. He has to act fast and very effectively to restore the trust of the public that the law and order situation would not deteriorate. He should also remember that development and investment in the state is always directly proportional to the condition of law and order of the state. He has to maintain law and order situation in the state, else people will not pardon him.

I hope Nitish Kumar knows all this and will ensure that public trust is restored. The perception of ‘Jungle Raj returns’ needs to be defeated in the interest of Bihar.

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